Display Device Consultants LLC

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Konica Minolta Display Measurements,  ScienceTech - Spectroscopic Equipment, Terahertz radiation sources,  Detectors and  Spectrometer

Western Quartz -UV curing Lamps,  CXI Lamp Sales -Cinema Lamps & UV curing lamps

Arc Lamps

Construction of Hg & Xe arc lamps used in Display and Micro-electronic Mfr.

Automotive Displays

​Historical review of Automotive Displays with Automotive Specs.

Phosphor Screening

Review Paper on methods of Screening Phosphors

Presented To the SID Chapter in Ukraine

Supporting the Display and Micro-electronic Industries since 1996

We provide a Work Shop on Color and Color Measurement

We provide the color of phosphor mixes and provide techniques and review customer phosphor application methods to improve screen performance.


We are the United States Representative for Sciencetech - a manufacturer of Optical Research grade Equipment such as ;

- IR light Sources

- Modular Spectro-photometers,

- Solar Simulators and    - Arc Lamps

We also sell Medium pressure arc lamps from Western Quartz, High Pressure Arc lamps from Scientech and CXI,

CXI Provides us with  arc lamps from ARC, Hanovia, Integrated Light, Jelight, Yumex and others.


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Our consulting firm is here to help you and your business.

We supply consulting services on :

- Phosphor Screening

- Aging studies on      Phosphor Screens.

- support Litigation        through Engineering    support to Lawyers.

​- Display Measurements

​To support our Display Measurement work we have the following equipment

- CS-1000 Spectro-Radiometer

​- CS - 100 Chroma Meter

​- CL - 100 Chroma Meter 

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