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Representing Mfrs of Optical Measurement Equip and Arc Lamps

Mr Donofrio has over 40 years of experience in Display Products and Manufacturing and holds a BS degree in Applied Physics from Hofstra University, an MS in Physics from NYU and an ME in Engineering Management from RIT. He as written and or co-authored 65 articles and Papers in the field of Displays he holds 13 Patents in Display Manufacturing.  Consulting projects involve manufacturing issues in Luminous and non-luminous material deposition techniques,  CRT analysis, Phosphor Aging, Color Theory and Litigation support.

Our Office and Laboratory are located at our facility. The  Laboratory evaluates displays & instrument Clusters. We have housings to evaluate arc lamps and other Light sources.  

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Robert L. Donofrio  Presenting a talk at the SID Symposium at the University of Michigan at Dearborn