Solar Simulators are used in many fields as seen in the first column  and Spectroscopy Applications are seen below 

Spectroscopy Applications

1. Analysis of molecular bond strengths, atomic composition, purity analysis and identifying compounds with the use of light absorption spectroscopy, UV/Visible spectroscopy and Infrared spectroscopy.

2. Use of Infrared molecular spectroscopy, Fluorescence spectrometry and other Atomic absorption/reflectance spectrometry for biochemical compound analyses in polymers, coal and food products.

3. Analysis of environmental pollutants, contaminants and aerosols with the use of atomic absorption spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy in environmental, biophysical and toxicology research fields.

4. Hydrocarbon analysis used for vectorization in exploration/ identification of petroleum reservoirs with infrared spectroscopy and UV-visible absorption spectroscopy.

5. Use of Raman and Infrared spectroscopy to identify and characterize ore deposit mine

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Applications of Solar Simulators

1.       Photovoltaic testing 

2.       UV exposure testing

3.       Sunscreen testing

4.       Environmental testing

5.       Cosmetics testing

6.       Light bleaching 

7.       CPV testing (Concentrating 


8.       Measuring module performance 

9.       Solar panel testing

10.     UV resistance

11.     System Reliability

12.     Material stability

13.     Testing for color fading of paints,


14.     Accelerated age testing

15.     Photochemistry and Photobiology.

16.    Accelerated Exposure testing

17.     Characterization of high power


18.     Photochemistry and Photobiology

19.     Coatings Durability Testing

20.     Chromatography

21.     Interferometry

22.     Sterilization